Ladies Styling Workshop

Ladies Styling Salsa Workshop!!

Guys are Free!





Ladies Styling Workshop Details:

  • Date: Sunday, March 25, 2018
  • Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Location: The Colorado Adventure Center, 10455 W 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215
  • Phone: (303) 888-5355
  • Price: $65 in advance,  $75 a week before, $85 at the door. No Checks. Guys Are Free!


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NOT IN DENVER? Edie Livestreams her Salsa Workshops! If you can’t make the workshops, and can dial in from your computer that day, please contact Edie directly for log-in instructions!


~ A GREAT Teacher Makes ALL The Difference! ~


Can’t make the Ladies Styling Workshop?

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Edie’s Bio:

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January 2017 Salsa Bootcamp!




Testimonials …

format_quoteI enjoyed the 2 days of boot camp enormously. I think that not only are you an amazing woman and an amazing dancer – you are also an amazing teacher. You combine the knowledge with the passion and harness them together with your fun personality to create an experience that is both educating and enjoyable. Thank you
– David Spitz – Denver

format_quoteSome of your “Edie” trained students joined our Bachata class. The absolutely, thoroughly trained Edie lead… in our Advanced Bachata class… is so identifiable… so recognizable… so indicative of Edie training…. The feel…. of dancing with an Edie trained Salsa guy… the focus… the smiling… the ability to dance as though I am the dancer and he is an accessory there just to show me off and make me look sexy… the absolutely, thoroughly trained Edie lead… in our Advanced Bachata class… is so identifiable… so recognizable… so indicative of Edie training…. the dances are… Bachatagasm inducing. Edie infiltrates Colorado Bachata. And this was just the first of 4 classes. I can’t wait to see what happens in social dancing in a month. Wowza. Thank you, Edie, for making even my Bachata partners into Edie Gentleman. – K.R. C. Spings

format_quoteBest workshops we ever had! When are you coming back to England…- K.S. Manchester, England

format_quoteShe is simply fantastic and a psychologist on two agile feet too.  John, please tell her [Edie] how amazed I am at her completeness beyond dancing, I’m bringing my cousin with (Mika), who’s in CTfor the confidence boost, Edie has the capacity to change lives beyond the dance itself. ..I must say, she is awesome…that’s why I’m investing and making an effort to fly down to take a second bite at this… I really do want to get it right with a big smile.
– J.R. Johanesburg, South Africa

format_quoteI am NEVER BORED in your AWESOME classes! Most instructors bore me so much, I stopped taking workshops. Not the case with you! You always keep my attention, I just don’t know how you do it!… – J.C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

format_quoteHi Edie, I just wanted to say thanks again for the terrific boot camp. I had high expectations for your class and can now see why people fly across the country to join your boot camps. I enjoyed everything from learning the correct hand and posture positions to learning fun things like spins and dips, which I’ve never done before — ever — in my life. I’m your classic, uncoordinated guy who was previously intimidated by salsa. I’m not afraid of it any more…. – JC, Palm Desert, California

format_quoteI was very aware of what you were actually giving to your students; it was a success recipe for life skills that included Salsa!I personally really admired your teaching technique. Anyway, I wanted you to know you were a special treat for all. Thank you for coming to Alaska. I hope you don’t quit and move on to something else… – R&B Bishop, Anchorage Alaska

format_quoteWOW! I am really honored to have taken this day to learn under you. You really are a pro. Great teacher. I had never danced with a man. You made the instructions clear. It was really hard work and I am sooooo sore! But what a pleasure. Felt so emotional/teary even.. after class. You taught the proper respect between men and women and that is priceless … – AT, Denver, Colorado

format_quoteI felt confident and empowered. You know, the first time I ever went out salsa dancing on my own was after your boot camp last year.
You’re a great teacher! Thank you for getting back to me and for the reservation. I will be counting the days. – Jeff Crider – Philly

format_quoteEdie, It was amazing – you are the best teacher ever.Since the boot camp, I started dancing at the Turn. Weekly. I must say that the basis I learned from you at boot camp is so amazingly empowering and an important foundation for everything I learned since, that it is really a catapult into Salsa dancing. I have been practicing the great techniques you tought me and have already moved to the intermediate class. No way I could do that without your foundations. I am grateful, and I am sure some of the girls I dance with are too J .
What is your next event? I want to learn more from you


format_quoteEdie’s workshops are always the most popular and year after year, she excels in keeping her workshops fresh, exciting and entertaining. Students absolutely love her!… – A.L., Sydney, Australia

format_quoteIt was a real pleasure to experience your workshops during the first Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2006 in Gothenburg!You were very talented, educational and funny! My girlfriend and I (and hopefully everybody else) loved the great show you gave on Sunday… – P.B. Gothenburg, Sweden

format_quoteWe traveled six hours for your workshop and it was well worth the trip!! My dance partner and I must say we both enjoyed the workshop very much! You are an amazing instructor. … – J.C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

format_quoteFate was smiling on me the day I experienced two of your workshops. I got to enjoy your wonderfully witty and wise performances. So I went along to the spins class and that too was witty and wise. (You looked absolutely regal up there on the balcony, with that dreadfully melodramatic picture of a horse behind you; did you notice? What a performance!!)… – J.H. Manchester, England

format_quoteEdie, “YOU” are one of the Best Instructors in the world. The workshops with Edie the Salsa freak where good. I think people who visit the workshops know now why she is one of the best Salsa teachers and dancers in the world. Her explanations where crystal clear and there was really a connection with the audience is my opinion. – R.C. Dusseldorf, Germany

format_quoteOver and over again and every time WITH PLEASURE!!! Workshops with Edie – Really nice on the legs part. Edie has shown with the Workshop not only your huge teaching talent, she can also handle really well with the people and does with humor and a lot of charm. It was to be seen very interesting like you this does so… – I.D. Frankfurt, Germany

format_quoteYour workshop made me excited about Salsa more and more. I respect you that you are a great teacher as well as a great dancer with great sense of humor. I really liked your teaching style. I liked your ‘performance’ that telling a story of a song to show us the phrasings, paragraphs of the music. I liked very much the demonstration of how to recover from ‘fall’. Also, I liked the demonstration of how to ask other people to dance with me.. – C.S. Phoenix AZ

format_quoteYou are AWESOME!! Hi Edie! I heard of you, but when I finally took one of your workshops, I had NO IDEA of how well you could CAPTIVATE us while keeping ALL OF US MESMERIZED the entire time! You TRULY have a gift…- H.C. Munich, Germany

format_quoteI love your teaching style. I also like the way you rotate the lines so everyone has a chance to see you in action…- A.L., Paris, France

format_quoteThere are no better partners on the dance floor than those who have learned from Edie. She turns regular men into partners who pull the best from me. I can recognize them on the dance floor by their moves and the way they treat me. They are gentleman. She has made them into the strong men they always had buried inside of them the same way she turned me into the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me.- K.R. Denver, CO

format_quoteShe has the ability to speak to your soul. What a pleasure to watch, and to learn from. Such keen insight, presence, wit and candor. To the point. And her sense of humor? Honest and refreshing. Impeccable timing, as in her dance. The total package. And I can tell you, for sure, that I participated in the workshop because of her. Her interpretation of that music piece was an award-winning performance, worth every penny. It made my day. – C.A. Pittsburgh, PA

format_quoteShe helped me discover the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me. She pulls from men and women the best in themselves and challenges them to Bring It. Bring the sexy… bring the confidence… bring the strength… bring the dominance… bring the adoration and appreciation for your partner…. cherish your partners and make them look good.
K.R. Denver, CO


format_quoteFrom Jacques…

Hey Edie, Just wanted to touch base and say hi real quick – I really enjoyed helping out at the beginners’ bootcamp on Saturday! …

I also had some quick feedback. In addition the entire bootcamp program being great, I actually wanted to let you know that the high point for me is when you were talking about the masculine and feminine essence, and how they polarize. After your “lecture” on the subject, and you had the women say “I trust you, I respect you, and I honor you”, I really saw them open up. After that, during the next two dances, I saw the biggest impact my masculine essence had EVER had on a woman during a dance, ESPECIALLY with newbies! It felt like once they understood to get out of my masculine way and roll with wherever I take them, they allowed themselves to fully enjoy what was taking place…and that was SUPER rewarding for me as a man!

A few points to illustrate –

I was leading moves that we hadn’t even touched during class – turns with both hands (right over left), open break, rock steps, and much more complex variations of what we had already done – and they successfully went with it!

This was the real kicker for me – I dipped both of my partners while spinning them out of an open break, and they both ate it up like crazy. After bringing the first one back up from the dip, she said “Wow, that was HOT…<pause>…ohmigosh…<looks down>…I think I’m actually blushing…” After bringing the second one back up from the dip, she had a smile she couldn’t wipe off of her face, and she said “That was. SO. COOL.”, and I could see the asking in her eyes that she wanted me to do it again.

No exaggeration in what I’m telling you!! My personal feeling is that you should do this section EVERY time in your bootcamp, don’t wait for guys to ask for it! I’ve been dancing for around 5 years, and I’ve never had this happen before. The ladies’ breakthrough in this section had nothing but reward for me as well, and I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only guy who enjoyed it.

Anyway, I had a great time! Thanks for hooking me up with a discount to join in, and I’m gonna try to make your men’s styling workshop next month.

…there’s one more thing I’d like to mention that I feel would be helpful if you were to append it to the original comments in my first email. In addition to the initial ego stroke that I got from making that happen, the real takeaway for me was that seeing the reaction of both ladies during that exercise gave me a deeper insight as to how much mileage my masculine essence can get when it comes to creating a shared experience like that on the dance floor.

Not every dance is going to have a spike in mutual enjoyment like that, but when it does…dear lord! My confidence definitely got its own spike that hasn’t come down very much since I attended your boot camp. 😉

Thanks again! Jacques


format_quoteFrom Mark…

Hi Edie, After attending both days of your bootcamp this previous weekend, I went out and . . .

Well, first, I loved the bootcamp. The two days one of the best dancing experiences I have ever had, but also one of the best learning experiences. You have a fantastic teaching style, and I stunned at what you taught – many things were simple, but almost all of the instructors I’ve had have never brought them up (such as going into closed position by flicking the woman’s hand and then touching forearms before going to her back; how to ask a girl to dance, etc.).

I learned a ton on the first day, and saw an immediate improvement that night in my dances that night at La Rumba. And then I learned even more at the women’s styling day (which surprised me; I expected to get something out of it, but I wasn’t sure what and how much).

So I went to D Note afterward, and WOW. I’ve improved a lot over the past few months, but with what I learned from you, it really brought me up. I went into the D Note with more energy and confidence than I’ve had in a long time. About two or so hours in, I asked this woman to dance . . . I hadn’t seen her dancing earlier, but she turned out to AMAZING—one of the best women I’ve ever danced with at a club. I was blown away, and thanks to what you taught, I was able to keep my composure, and more so, was able to give her those opportunities for her to really cut loose and reach her potential on the dance floor.

It wasn’t until afterward that it hit me, but I had never seen or FELT a more clear example of it: the more I help my partner to plunge into depths of her ability, the effect will rebound and I’ll in turn go deeper into my own. During the bootcamp, you described going into trance during a dance. After we finished out the song, It felt like I had a grenade detonate in my head — I was not only blown away by her dancing, but also by my own. I was so satisfied that I almost left right then and there because I didn’t know what else to do. When I did leave an hour later, I was still overcome by the sensation. My face was slack the whole drive home, and I was so happy by the experience that night I was tearing up — the only time I have ever felt like that before is when I finish the first draft of a novel. Unbelievable.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I’m stoked foyour workshop next month.

And I would love to take some private lessons, with you.
Again, thank you.

Best wishes, Mark






Excruciating Details… What is a “Salsa FREAK Bootcamp?”

Time:   See above.   Please arrive ~ 30 minutes prior – NO JOKE. DON’T WAIT IN LINE!!!

Food: FREE Snacks! (we will eat during breaks)

Gentlemen! Discover What Makes a Woman “Tick…”
Guys, this is one of the only times in your LIFE where you can hold a BEAUTIFUL stranger in your arms.It is not only LEGAL and NORMAL…but a “MANDATORY” Requirement of the Class!  Learning Salsa is the most incredible way to meet the most BEAUTIFUL women in the world… Salsa Dancers!!

The more people we get the MORE FUN it will be!!!

Men: What to Wear: Flat Shoes or slippery-bottom sneakers that have slick soles (bottoms) to turn and spin well. Collar shirt, loose comforable pants. Dance Shoes or Slick – bottom tennis shoes – nothing that will stick to a wood floor. Shoes that slide or glide around easily.

Ladies: What to Wear: Flat Shoes or slippery-bottom sneakers that have slick soles (bottoms) to turn and spin well. Comfortable (slippery – bottom) sneakers, or dance shoes. No high heels necessary for today.
(unless you like pain after eight hours). Dance Shoes or Slick – bottom tennis shoes – nothing that will stick to a wood floor. Shoes that slide or glide around easily.Comfortable loose pants, long shorts, or dark-colored tights / shorts. Nothing white (we will be doing floor-work, and your white will become brown).

After-Bootcamp Meetup Practice Group on Tuesday nights!! Edie’s Black Belt Salsa Group Classes!!
– Join us! Now there is NO EXCUSE. No you’ve now got tons of new friends to practice with every single week! Join our Group!! Class, dinner and dancing EVERY Tuesday night!!

Reference Materials Instructional DVDs Covered in Class: For those of you who learn by watching / doing
Complete curriculum online is now available at!!


Edie, The Salsa FREAK is the Original Creator of the “Salsa Bootcamp” Concept

How My Bootcamps Work…

How It ALL Started…
The Year 1997: I started the Salsa Bootcamp concept with individual beginner guys in Los Angeles, California.  I got the idea when I was dating a guy named Russel.  He would get to the studio, and I would train him for 3-4 hours.  We would then go to dinner together, and I would dance with him ALL NIGHT LONG repeating moves over and over again that night until… he got it, and was “spent” by 3am.  He said, “Edie, This is like a Salsa Bootcamp!”  We broke up, but I hung on to the idea… I gave Salsa Bootcamps to men for about two years after that.

Once I started traveling however, I no longer had the time for individual one-on-one Bootcamps, much less teaching group classes at home anymore.  The ladies were missing my styling classes back home as well.  My home classes were shrinking because I was always gone!  Frustrated, I was listening to an Anthony Robbins tape while on an airplane in 2003.  Tony spoke of “magnification techniques”.  I then decided to hold the World’s First Ladies Styling Bootcamp in 2003.  It lasted eight hours long, and was a complete success!  The guys were free all day, and the girls finally got a chance to get some much-needed attention of their own.
After that, I was asked to do Beginner Bootcamps, and now Musicality Bootcamps.  Now I am invited to teach Salsa Bootcamps all over the world.

I Teach “Bootcamps” and “Workshops” for Men and Women
Bootcamps are typically between Seven to Eight-Hours:

Workshops are between One to Four -Hours:
Beginners / Intermediate / Intermediate Advanced / Advanced / Musicality / Spins / Styling / Cha Cha /Shines / On-2 / Men / Ladies / Specialty / Bachata / Syllabus / Bootcamp Styling Weekend for Men and Women / Choreography & Performance Techniques / Lifts and Tricks


And NOW…
What to Wear, What to Bring, Who to Bring,
What to Expect, and The Schedule…

Every Salsa FREAK Bootcamp is different. You get to meet a TON of new people!  It’s instant access to the otherwise very intimidating Salsa World.  You now have fifty new friends that night that you can dance with!  IT IS SO COOL!!! The concept is brilliant.  Everyone wins!!

My Salsa FREAK Bootcamps are the only Bootcamps in the world that are “FULL IMMERSION” all-day  intensives.  A true Salsa FREAK Bootcamp is at least eight hours long.  So with me, expect a full Eight Hours per day of learning and fun!!!  Trust me, by the end of the day, not only will you know a new set of skills but you will also learn the truth about relationships, how to attract the opposite sex to you, how to “work a room” and last but not least, how to ask a person to dance without them EVER saying “no”.  By the end of the day, you will have MORE positive energy than when you walked in!  Why?  Because I have a unique way of using the positive energy field of the group, raising it higher and higher as the day progresses!

What to Wear
Beginner’s Day: Men and Women: YOU WILL SWEAT!!   Remember there will be all types of people there, and respectable comfortable clothing is highly recommended. (may change, depending on Bootcamp Type). Comfortable sweats, jeans, and comfortable sneakers, dance sneakers, or something you can turn and spin with on a wooden dance floor.  Please wear dance sneakers or regular sneakers – as long as they will not “stick” to a wooden gym or dance floor when you turn or spin in a circle. If the bottoms of your sneakers are are smooth and can “slide” on a smooth floor, that type of shoe bottom is PERFECT. Sweats are great.

Ladies Styling Day or Musicality Day: Morning Dress Code:
YOU WILL SWEAT!!   Remember there will be all types of people there, and respectable clothing is highly recommended. (may change, depending on Bootcamp Type). Due to body and limb stretching, floor work, and certain leg movements, please dress in comfortable, relatively stretchable slacks or sweats in the morning. Dance sneakers or slick-bottom shoes. We will change to Salsa-gear in the afternoon – depends on the Bootcamp. Please wear dance shoes, or dance sneakers. No shorts or light colored tights please.



“Musicality” Sunday: Both men and women pay for full day on “Musicality Day”.

“Rebel Girl” Sunday: Men are ALWAYS free for the ladies – we need the guys to help us out!! Ladies pay for the full day.

  • Morning: Very comfortable “Sweats” (see above) with dance sneakers – no high heals nor dresses.
  • Afternoon: Dressy dance-pants (evening dance wear) in the afternoon – I am requesting you wear high heels – something that you would normally go clubbing (dancing) with “out”.
  • (Edie has over 36 hours of teaching material for Rebel Girl Day)

“Glamour Girl” Sunday: Men are ALWAYS free for the ladies – we need the guys to help us out!! Ladies pay for the full day.

    • Morning: Very comfortable “Sweats” with dance sneakers – no high heals nor dresses.
    • Afternoon: bring a dress or flowing skirt that we will change into after lunch. Please bring high heels, panty hose, and dance briefs (underwear for underneath the dress, over the panty hose) to practice dancing and walking like a classy, elegant “Lady” in a DRESS.  We seem to have forgotten this “LOST ART” over the years.
    • (Edie has over 36 hours of teaching material for Glamour Girl Day)

“City Girl” Sunday: Men are ALWAYS free for the ladies – we need the guys to help us out!! Ladies pay for the full day.

  • Morning: Very comfortable “Sweats” with dance sneakers – no high heals nor dresses.
  • Afternoon: Dressy dance-pants (evening dance wear) in the afternoon – I am requesting you wear high heels – something that you would normally go clubbing (dancing) with “out”.
  • (Edie has over 36 hours of teaching material for City Girl Day)

What to Bring
Snacks, munchies, water.  At some Bootcamps we will provide breakfast and lunch, but bring some goodies just in case.

Who to Bring…
Just yourself!  If you bring a partner, or significant other, all of us will be switching partners about once every minute, so you will get a chance to dance and practice together often but also with the rest of the group!  …. and often!  You will have eight hours to meet everyone and at the end of the day, you will have a TON of new friends to meet to go to all the nightclubs later on!

What to Expect…
Nothing short of World Class Instruction and Entertainment from one of the top Salsa instructor/performers in the world.  Meet all types of people!  No partner necessary!  Have fun, relax, and learn something that No One Will EVER be able to take away from you!!

The Schedule…
No matter what, EVERY BOOTCAMP is different!!
There is ssssoooo much to teach… There is ssssoooooo much to LEARN!!
Edie creates a new Bootcamp every time!!
Depending on the country, the schedule may start later, or earlier, however here is generally what happens each hour…

Hour One
Registration & Breakfast! Introduction, learning the basics

Hour Two
Continuation of the basics, with music and its structure

~ 20 min Break ~

Hour Three
Basics now more with music, partner work

Hour Four
~ Lunch Break and Practice Session ~

Hour Five
Patterns, combinations, figures

Hour Six
Patterns, combinations, figures reviewed and enhanced

~ 20 min Break ~

Just in case the Bootcamp is over six hours…

Hour Seven
New Patterns, combinations, figures

Hour Eight
Putting it all together, practical advice, how to ask the opposite sex to dance without being rejected – EVER, practicing asking, dance practice with your peers, review, and a few bonus moves for the over-achievers…

Go home, eat, take an hour or so nap, shower, get ready, cuz….

Later That Night… ~9pm LET’S PRACTICE…TOGETHER!!!
Group Field Trip to local nightclub that night!! Don’t worry!
You will have all your Bootcamp Buddies now to practice with!

beginner_salsaMen and Women All-Day 
“BEGINNER” Bootcamp!!

No partner necessary!
Grrrrreat way to meet new people!
Free Breakfast & Lunch!!

World-Class Instruction by Edie, The Salsa FREAK
Eight Hours of Beginning Salsa for the Absolute Novice Beginner that doesn’t know a thing about dancing.

You may have wanted to take a class, or course, but haven’t had nor found the time.

  • Your friends keep going dancing, and are bugging you to finally LEARN it
  • … IN ONE DAY!!!
  • Your job travels you too much, and you just want to learn and get it over with
    … in ONE DAY.

I teach LA-or New York Style Linear-based Salsa
(for men and women!)

My Full – Immersion Salsa FREAK Bootcamps are for:

Beginner / Improvers looking to solidify and perfect their technique

Advanced dancers who need to get back to basics due to various complaints from the opposite sex.

Instructors looking for a solid syllabus to standardize their lessons

Wanna-be instructors looking for solid instructional training and techniques

Learn SOLID foundational leading and following techniques
from one of the top instructors in the world, Edie, The Salsa FREAK.
Learn how to lead comfortably, without hurting her.
Learn how to follow his lead without being a burden to him.

STEP-BY-STEP, S L O W L Y but surely.
Learn to dance Street-style Salsa the CORRECT WAY, from the start.
Get your basics down SOLID. Learn how to lead or follow ANYONE,
on ANY dance floor, at ANY time.
We understand that patience is a virtue, and will make SURE you get it.


I will give you the tools to execute all types of moves you will be learning
the rest of YOUR LIFE!!!

Click here to access the Black Belt Salsa Syllabus

Ladies Styling and Spins Bootcamps! 

Every Ladies Styling Bootcamp is Different…


<align=”left”>Which is YOU?   .:)

I offer THREE TYPES of Ladies Styling Bootcamps:

  1. Glamour Girl Day
  2. City Girl Day
  3. Rebel Girl Day

(I have over 72 hours worth of Styling material that I teach.)

Depending on the Country, Edie will have the girls wear comfortable clothing the mornings to stretch and practice spins and basic styling fundamentals.

On Glamour Girl Day, after lunch, Edie has the girls change into their skirts or dresses to demonstrate how to walk, act, and dance with class and style.  Consider this day a Salsa Charm School. 

On the other two days, Rebel and City Girl, dresses are not necessary. “Rebel Girl Day” is HOT and SEXY – All Levels of Styling Moves for women.
Black stretchable Pants – no dresses today!
Please bring high heels to wear with your pants for the afternoon session.

Gentlemen are normally free this day because we will need good leads to lead us during the practice sessions.

Edie always teaches herLadies Styling Bootcamps with guys helping us with partner work.  Guys are free all day – can participate as much as they want (especially learning Spins), and are free to the breakfast and lunch as a “thank you” for helping out the girls!

<align=”center”>musicalityStyling and Musicality Bootcamps!

(see YouTube clip or DVD for a sample of Musicality)
This Styling and Musicality Bootcamp is for both Men “and” Women !!
…FREE Breakfast Munchies and Lunch INCLUDED!
(Drinks Extra $$)

I will show you step-by-step, slowly but surely, how I do what I do!!
This Bootcamp promises to be PERFECT for the budding Salsa dancer hungry for those “Sexy moves in between moves”!!
Classic fundamentals, world-class techniques, solid easy-to-remember moves.

Eight Hours of Sexy Salsa Styling for both Men and Women!

Guys… you will learn A TON… of what a woman

… on the dance floor!!

Ladies, learn When and How to style, how NOT TO BE HEAVY to your partner,
finesse, technique, speed, balance, spins, and most importantly,

Figures and turn patterns to accompany both Men and Women’s Styling and Musicality – Dancing “with” the music.

Styling with your partner:  

When we “practice with a partner”,
On occasion we will briefly work with each other, to understand what it’s like to be a leader and follower (empathy here), and understand what our partners are going through while trying to lead or follow us.
This method teaches us how to be light on our feet, and be rid of the heaviness and sluggishness most men complain about. .;)

We will practice new moves, slick styling that Edie learns and picks up as she travels the world, including moves involving specificMen’s Styling“Glamour Girl”, “City Girl”, or “Rebel Girl” techniques. 

Every will have a different flavor / theme – like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry!!!

Summary – Overview, what to wear out, the do’s and don’ts, and psychology of Salsa, tricks, tips, and traps, working the room, working your SELF, posture tips, professional-looking foot and leg positions, and attitude.
Dealing with “Off-Beaters“.

#5 floor connection, Small to negligible “One”, Slot dancing, self-propelled spins.

<align=”center”>salsa_bootcampIntro to “Spins” at Every Sunday Bootcamp!!!  
for Men and Women!

An Introduction to High-Speed Spinning Techniques are normally taught on the Sunday Styling and Musicality Bootcamps

 Brief summary of High Speed Spins and Turns. Mastering spins.
Spot turns, pencil turns, chenet turns, and pivots. Touch and Go hand techniques, acute spotting, and split second hand awareness techniques.
Mastering your partnering spins.

How to Style your Spins – Men and Women! … this will be taught in a separate, more comprehensive 3-hour workshop on a different day

Here we will discuss Edie’s Unique Lead and Follow techniques
– SO YOU CAN EASILY FOLLOW Advanced Dancers.

Learn stylish, high speed multiple pivots, lifting the leg, and single leg spins.

Head bangers, footwork, Freedom Concept moves, with and without a partner. Fancy footwork, fancy arm work, playing with the music, letting loose, feeling the rhythm, confidence-building time.  Sneaking in Copa and Cross Body Lead styling – without ever interrupting his lead.

Sensual and exciting Freedom Concept moves. Kicks – when and when NOT to kick, arm sweeps, with and without a partner. Head bangers, shoulder shimmies, and shoulder work. “Still as a mouse” moves without interrupting his lead, but look AWESOME in the process!

T-stance and Hijacking. We will practice these concepts with and without a partner. Hijacking, and “stealing the moment” moves, both in a hijack and in T-stance positions.

Summary – Overview, what to wear out, the do’s and don’ts, and psychology of Salsa, tricks, tips, and traps, working the room, working your SELF, posture tips, professional-looking foot and leg positions, and attitude. Dealing with “Off-Beaters”.

#5 floor connection, Small to negligible “One”, Slot dancing, self-propelled spins.